As someone who once lived in Scotland for quite some time, I find your argument in this piece very interesting. But I have several points to make.

First, what are the constitutional similarities between second Scottish independence referendum and second Brexit referendum?

Second, I am almost 100% sure that second Scottish independence referendum will take place in the future, taking into account both the political promise that Theresa May has made and SNP’s demand, in addition to the Brexit referendum’s result in Scotland.

Third, I think the bigger concern on the second Brexit referendum would be more on the fact that to what extent does the second Brexit referendum will not hurt the democratic processes in the UK — if in the case the country does not like the result of the first referendum, which by the way was a legitimate one, the country can go for another referendum — instead of because of the thing that has been outlined in your argument.

I would be glad to receive your response.


International Relations enthusiast

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Angelo Wijaya

Angelo Wijaya

International Relations enthusiast