British Politicians’s Encounters with Trump

US President Donald Trump is in a four day visit to the United Kingdom. This time, he is in a state visit where he meets the Queen, the Royal Family, and also the Prime Minister herself, Theresa May.

Here is some highlight to brief you about his indirect encounters with British politicians, which have been very interesting in the past few days.

Jeremy Corbyn

The leader of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn, requested to meet President Donald Trump during his state visit to the United Kingdom. However, the President turned down Corbyn’s offer, of whom he has dubbed as “negative”.

Jeremy Corbyn, who has previously criticized Trump by saying that his policies on immigration, human rights, and climate change have been very divisive, .

In an anti-Trump demonstration, .

Boris Johnson

Amidst the preparation for leadership contest in the Conservative Party, Donald Trump asked Boris Johnson whether he is available to meet.

This is probably because Boris Johnson is among the strongest contender in the contest.



To make things more interesting, .

Nigel Farage

Compared to the previous two, Farage’s rapport with Trump remains warm.

, .

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Theresa May

Remember the ? Remember the exchange of and over Trump’s retweet of UK far right leader’s tweet?

Well, Trump-May’s relations may be beyond this news about Trump cannot help but being himself, .

Donald Trump is something. He is not only American politics’s phenomenon. He is a world phenomenon. And what is to come in the next several days or maybe months and years? It is not for us to predict, but to watch if not joining, Theresa May smiling helplessly.

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